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Stringfellow Elementary 2017-2018 Goals

Let’s ALL go NORTH!!!

As a professional learning community and Data Team, we have identified the following school-wide goals and a plan to achieve them by holding students, parents, teachers, and administrators accountable.


Goal #1:  

CCRPI:  Score will increase by 5 points

Climate Star Rating:  Rating will increase to 5 stars.

iStation:  Increase percentage of students in green by 3% each 9 weeks.

RTI:  At least 6 students per 9 weeks will move down a tier.

SRI:  10 percent increase of students in yellow (grades 3-5) at end of each semester.

Dibels:  Increase 5% in green the major focus areas at the end of each semester.

Math:  Goals will be established beginning in January.

Discipline:  Average number of discipline referrals will be 2 per day.

Student Attendance:  Decrease number of student absences with 6 or more days by 20 percent.

Staff Attendance:  Average absences will be no more than 30 days per month.

Parent Involvement:  Goal will be set on percentage of parents that attend monthly events and visit school.


Goal #2: The mean Georgia Milestone score for students in each content area per grade-level will rise 10 points from last year.



Parents & Students



Conceptual understanding of information, theories, principles, and research.

Content- CCGPS, clear expectations, language of standards - Vocabulary

Standards, Content - CCGPS & Domains, know how to breakdown data, know what student center learning is

Provide Professional Development, Don't assume things, know standards and expectations for each grade level and content area.

Beliefs about the value of particular information or strategies.

Positive, motivated, importance

All students can do it!, Parents should be included and are important, flexibility, open to change

Support, consistency, school culture, resources, change open house procedures

Strategies and processes to apply knowledge.

Follow routines, positive classroom environment, note taking skills, responsibility, test taking strategies, social skills

Lesson plans, differentiation, use of best practices, utilize resources, collaboration (Grade level and vertical planning), set a routine

Enforce, FEEDBACK, monitor, evaluate, support

Desire, or internal motivation, to engage in a particular practice.

Belief that they can do it, CONFIDENCE, students create and aspire to meet their own goals

Set high expectations, commitment to meeting our goals

Monitor and support high expectations

Consistent application of knowledge and skills.

Complete all work, come to school prepared, demonstrate effort, use language of the standards

Model expectations and behaviors, use language of the standards, push students, help all learners, be willing to collaborate and ask for help or share practices

Model expectations and behaviors, Accountability, INSPECT WHAT YOU EXPECT